Our Services

WR & EL Jones Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd has been providing Electrical & Instrumentation Installation & Maintenance Solutions, Locally, Nationally & Internationally for over 50 years.

WR & EL Jones provides Electrical & Instrumentation Installations & Maintenance services to:

  • Residential
  • Rural
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Water Boards
  • Mechanical Services
  • Fire Detection Services
  • Air Fields
  • Department of Defence Sites
  • Government Sites

WR & EL Jones has skills in various disciplines, these include:

  • Hazardous area Installations & Maintenance
  • Temporary Wiring for Building, Construction Demmolition sites
  • Airfield Works Safety Officers
  • HV/HE Operations
  • High Risk Works
  • Electrical Inspections for General, Hazardous Area & High Voltage Installations

WR & EL Jones has specific insurance to cover such works.

WR & EL Jones can provide complete facilities maintenance through it’s approved supplier/contractor contacts.

WR & EL Jones has specialist Electricians that have Electrical Licences to work in remote locations such as Western Australia, Queensland and New Zealand.

WR & EL Jones can provide a complete E&I Design and Installation package if required.

WR & EL Jones is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

WR & EL Jones have the following accreditations certified by SAI Global:

  • Quality Assurance accredited to ISO 9001
  • Occupational Health and Safety accredited to AS 4801
  • Environmental accredited to AS 14001

The above systems have been achieved to provide WR & EL Jones’ clients with the assurance that we do what we say we will do working in line with Quality, Safety and the Environment.

WR & EL Jones will provide its clients with the appropriate certification and safety documents required by legislation.

WR & EL Jones are members of:

  • National Electrical Contractors Federation (NECA)
  • Petrochemical Industry Association (PICA)
  • Australian Metals and Mines Association (AMMA)